Slurry Seal

Quick-Set Slurry is emulsified asphalt, crushed rock and cement mixed and applied with specialized equipment, forming a thick, tough, durable mixture that:

Fills cracks

Seals against damaging moisture invasion

Completely hides utility trench patches and other repair work

Resurfaces your asphalt with a 1/4 to 1/2" attractive, skid-resistant finish

Lasts from three to five years depending on weather conditions

Polymer Modified Slurry Specifications
Quick Slurry Specifications
Our Slurry Seal Projects

Asphalt emulsions serve as a binder, holding the crushed aggregate together and adhering the new slurry surfacing to the old surface over which it is being applied. Various emulsions and aggregates are used to meet the conditions, specifications, and requirements of individual projects.

Emulsions of varying composition and setting times are mixed with any one of three grades of aggregates to create slurry seal mixes for specific purposes.

Aggregate types are I (fine), II (general), and III (coarse). Fine aggregate mixtures are used for maximum crack penetration and sealing in low-density/low-wear traffic areas. Type II aggregates are the most commonly used and are widely employed where moderate to heavy traffic is found. They seal, correct moderate to severe raveling, oxidation, loss of matrix, and improve skid resistance. Type III corrects severe surface conditions - preventing hydroplaning and providing skid resistance under very heavy traffic loads.

A slurry seal for nearly any need or condition can be custom designed to satisfy the most difficult requirements.

The aggregate must be clean, crushed, durable, properly graded, and uniform. The asphalt emulsion is a three-part system consisting of asphalt, water, and emulsifier. Fillers such as Portland cement, hydrated lime, or aluminum sulfate liquid are often used in small quantities as stabilizers or chemical modifiers.

Slurry seal is today's choice in providing highly durable, low-cost paving, and surface maintenance. As a treatment for everything from residential driveways to public roads, highways, airport runways, parking lots, and a multitude of other paved surfaces, slurry seal is now used extensively throughout the world. Local, state, and federal agencies - including the military - have a growing and ongoing commitment to the use of slurry seal in their maintenance programs, attesting to its effectiveness and economy.

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